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Market Research - Where is the best place to locate a new branch office? Which part of the country would be best to introduce a new product line? Let Stone Marketing solve those problems and more.   Marginal Account Coverage - Capitalize on the revenue potential of smaller accounts without the high cost of face-to-face sales visits. Stone Marketing can give your smaller accounts the same responsible service that larger accounts receive without prohibitive cost.
Account Servicing - Free your sales force to call on new business. Let Stone Marketing service existing accounts.   Price Increase Notification - Stone Marketing can take a difficult but necessary chore off the hands of your sales team and do it with speed and efficiency.
Sales Lead Generation - Stone Marketing can increase the productivity of your sales force by providing a list of interested prospects, rather than your wasting time with cold calls.   New Product Introduction - Stone Marketing can make your customers aware of new product development and availability quickly and effectively. There's less time between product development and introduction.
Full Account Management - Stone Marketing can handle all aspects of account work, from fielding questions about billing and shipping, to selling and customer service, to providing information about new products or services.   Specialized Product Sales - Let Stone Marketing handle responses to your direct mail advertising, catalog sales and seasonal sales inquiries.
Open Territory Coverage - Is there a promising geographic location that your sales force just cannot cover? Let Stone Marketing open up new sources of business by handling these areas for you.   Company Acquisition Notification - Stone Marketing can make changes in ownership as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Effective and accurate communications can mean less chance of misunderstanding.
Sales Lead Qualification - Reduce the number of wasted in-person sales calls. Let Stone Marketing pre-qualify your sales calls and help you direct your salespeople to the highest potential.    


Put the power of telemarketing to work for you. Stone Marketing is your source for business and industrial telemarketing.
Increase your sales effectiveness. Increase the productivity of your sales force. Increase profits for your entire operation. Give Stone Marketing a call today. Let's work together on building a winning team.

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