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As a sales professional, you've heard about telemarketing and the success that many companies have had with it. You probably have wanted to incorporate telemarketing into your own marketing mix. But the problem is that your company serves an industrial or high tech market not consumer markets where most telemarketing companies have made their mark. Now there is a telemarketing source just for you, with proven experience in non consumer markets.
Stone Marketing specializes in telemarketing services for business and industry. We're professionals with the right
experience for clients of all sizes. These include smaller companies in the 2- to 20-million dollar range, to FORTUNE 500 companies who serve the business and industrial arenas.
We know how to make your sales climb, and increase the efficiency of running your business. We can do market research, make appointments, sales lead generation, new product introduction, marginal account coverage and more.
Browse this website and contact us today. Combine our expertise with yours and put the power of telemarketing to work for you... today!